Real-Time Congressional News is a Real-Time U.S. Congressional Bill News Service, Coming Q2 2017.

News Updates

Trusted news from all sides of the isle

ClearCongress aggregates news from both liberal and conservative watchdog agencies, for a truly balanced approach.

Interactive Maps

In real-time, from every congressional district

Our Interactive Maps plot real-time data from congress, including Bills and Resolutions in both the Senate and House.

Track Your Reps

Tell them what you think by sending them instant emails

Track and contact your congresspeople with a click of a button. Direct democracy has never been easier.

ClearCongress is a congressional bills news service. We monitor global news outlets, and government watchdogs, for the latest information pertaining to controversial bills being debated in the House and Senate. We provide our viewers with up-to-the-minute updates on bills and provide a platform for instant activism.

Track Upcoming Bills
We track the Congressional calendar for bills that are scheduled for upcoming debate.

Track Your Representatives
We help you track your representatives by automatically recognizing your representatives from your location. View voting records and news streams for all active senators and house representatives.

Let Them Know What You Think
Send instant emails to your representatives in Congress, and urge them to vote how you think they should. Exercise your rights as their constituent!

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